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The Digital Empowerment Program 

Workshops are the fundamental activities of Winds to build the capacities of servants in the local churches.

Goal:  to train ministers, church workers and communities in the use of technology for the purpose of effective ministry DE Workshops include training on: how to access the internet responsible, safe use of the internet appropriate uses of social media the use of applications that support Christian ministry


The DEP workshops are organized

Either solely by Winds or, in partnership with another entity, upon their request. These entities may be a Church denomination or Christian organization.

The content and articulation of the workshop can be adapted to the need of that partner in its plan of increasing the capacity of its members and staff. However, the core components include three categories of courses:

  1. Courses teaching practical skills to leverage the digital from the very basic skills in computer and smartphone use to the capacity to develop applications and maintain equipment. The practical skills courses include as well workshop in using some specific Christian applications for personal edification and ministry and workshops in using major social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram effectively for ministry purposes.

  2. Courses teaching a transformation of mindset toward technology and the digital use in ministry.

  3. Courses teaching basic biblical capacities for personal Spiritual Development, ministerial activities and collaboration with Winds.

This program allows local churches

to see a direction in the overwhelming changes of our time. Their workers receive skills and competence they need in a godly, ministry oriented and effective environment conducive to setting them up to re-embrace the Great Commission with insurance, enjoy and excel in ministry and their various church roles. Churches are equipped and better prepared to fulfill, the Mission of God, the duty left by the Lord to His Church.

This is done within a framework of continuous development. Winds teams scout for the needs of evolving and sometimes sensitive contexts. We are believing God to raise up people who will help us continue this program.  Your donation makes a difference bring the contribution and support Winds needs to help us make this possible and help local churches fulfill the Mission of God.

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Each workshop trains from 50-100 pastors and costs a total of $1600.


Each cohort is provided with a series of 3 workshops of 5 days each.


At each workshop, adequate equipment (such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, multimedia equipment, etc.) is provided at sponsored prices.

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