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I would like to invite you to join our missionary team. This is a special commitment to invest into a new dimension of the harvest of souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Our family serves missionaries, national churches and ministers by supporting them with capacities that will accelerate the Great Commission and the transformation of lives on the African continent. Africa is in this generation an anchor to the global movement of God to redeem the world to Him. The Lord has led Antonin Azoti to start Winds International since 2016. A year ago, he accepted the responsibility of Africa Regional Director for GoSendMe Global, joining a partnership of spirit and vision. The work is immense, and many are still waiting to be saved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the continent.


We would love to respond to your requests for more information on this opportunity. We would accept sharing more with you through social networks or in presence. Freely use any of our contacts in this message to reach out to us.


Grace and Peace to you,

Antonin & Sarah Azoti

Image by Larm Rmah

 Please consider this invitation prayerfully, according to your heart for the Lord and with His grace and hear how HE is leading you into this call.

You may use the form below to invite us to share more with you personally. You may also just send us a message through our contacts here to send us an invite to a meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams or any preferred social media.

Email: (copy,


Tel: (+1) 314 307 3882. 

This page is private. You can access it because you have been invited. Feel free to continue browsing our website for more on our mission.



Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference with Winds International right now! The support we receive is a huge driver of the support to local Churches in their fulfilment of the Mission of God. Get in touch today and join our team in making a lasting impact.



(Please copy them all to ensure a fast response)


Tel: (+1) 314 307 3882. 

Feel free to send us an invite for a meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams or any preferred social media

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