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Our Mission


Supporting those who are sent

⭐ COMPLETING the Great Commission

⭐ ACCELERATE The Mission of GOD with national churches

⭐ EMPOWERING the Church with Digital Capacity

⭐ TRANSFORMING Communities

⭐ DEPLOYING God's Justice

⭐ DISCIPLING The Saints 

Winds is a collaboration of partners whose goal is to support local churches and ministers in Africa in taking up the challenges that prevent local churches from serving the Great Commission timely.



Our Response

Through strategic programs that associate deeds to the Word, we serve local churches and empower ministers to accelerate the fulfilment of the Mission of God through Kingdom partnerships and the modeling a lifestyle of God's Justice

Digital Empowerment (DE) Workshops

To train ministers, church workers and communities in the use of technology for the purpose of effective ministry

⭐ The Vernacular Media (VMP) Program

To provide women and men from all people groups and languages with quality and transforming content that connect them to Life

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To ensure that local churches and communities are a the most favorable place for a child to live life to its fullest.

Providing context and support to build the capacity of women and girls to allow them to offer their unique purpose to their communities


Do you have the completion of great commisions on your heart?

Is your soul yearning for the next step in the fulfillment of the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus?​

Whether a new believer, a disciple, a church leader or a business leader, you will certainly be at home with us.

Contact us to subscribe to one of our vision sharing and orientation seminars. You will be part of God’s team for breaking the current limits of World evangelism and go, even right from your office.

The support we receive is a huge driver of the support to local Churches in their fulfilment of the Mission of God. Get in touch today and join our team in making a lasting impact.

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