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The capacity of Winds and its partners to address depends on our partners generosity in funding these projects to make it possible for us to keep serving. Many projects remain in desperate need of funds for Winds to be able to continue the work. The projects listed here are not exhaustive. Please take contact with Winds for a larger catalog and for more information on each projects. All the projects are addressed in a comprehensive projects which can be submitted to interested sponsors.

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As our daily lives move increasingly into the digital realm, it is clear that to be offline today is to be excluded. For this reason, it is more critical than ever that everyone — regardless of domain of activity, location or income — has the ability to access and use the internet. Unfortunately, the reality is that half the world is still offline, and in Developing World, Ministers (all genders included) and Churches are unacceptably lagging behind. Failure to close this digital divide — and the digital gap of the Church in society particularly — threatens to reinforce existing offline patterns of the Church, its inability to contribute in a relevant manner to the world debate including the question of poverty and inequalities that continues to undermine Global Missions growth and development. A myriad of challenges compound to keep those Ministers from unlocking the true potential of ICTs, including the high cost to connect (particularly given that Ministers, on average, earn less than other citizen) to cultural barriers to online access and use. However, field experience, has shown that one of the top reasons Ministers in Developing World are not online is a lack of digital skills and knowledge needed to use the web and the opportunities of the Digital Age. In fact, Ministers in Developing World are nearly four times more likely than others to report lack of skills as a barrier to internet use. The Ministers Digital Skills training project aims to tackle this issue. You can contribute to that.

The project consist in a series of training workshops that prepare Church leaders and Church to take full advantage of the Digital world for their ministries including learning about relevant ministry contents, applications and social network tools and competence and practical assistance to make the transition for the desiring churches.

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