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Creating More Access to The Internet in Africa

You might not realize this, but there are a lot of people that have limited-to-no access to the internet in Africa. We promote digital awareness in Africa by creating access for our communities and churches, so that they can bring the word of God online and create digital opportunities for their ministries. 

Through our organization, Winds, we oversee and manage a lot of different projects across the continent. Our support goes directly to churches and ministers, spreading digital awareness in Africa and ensuring that Christian content can be preached more effectively and abundantly online.

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Our focus lies in 4 possibilities that we try to explore and fulfill. First, there’s the possibility to lead people to a better life. Second, the possibility to preach more effectively and abundantly. Third, there’s the possibility of the church to build a better fellowship to worship more effectively. Finally, we pursue the possibility of the church to serve society. 

All of these possibilities are enhanced by our work to increase access to the internet in Africa. Take a look at the rest of our website. Read our missions, see the projects we’re involved in, and help us out if you can. Contact Winds over the phone, directly through our site, or via email today. 

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