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Mission Teams (A.P.A.C.S.)


Ways in which you could be part of our missionary team (A.P.A.C.S)

The acronym A.P.A.C.S is a concept created by GoSendMe Global (GSM) and which is quite simply a group of teams who provide support to those who are serving on the field. This approach to missionary team building is based on years of experience, gathered by GSM, with missionaries around the world and the difficulties they face while serving the Lord in those places. As we are sending out those who have been called, we want to ensure that the body of Christ is going with them, that the Church is on mission right alongside them. The purpose of A.P.A.C.S. is for each missionary to personally build their own teams who will support them spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally as they serve. This concept does not dictate the exact workings of the teams, as we believe the Spirit will guide in knowing what is needed on the field, but it helps give direction to the missionary and also help those who will make up the teams to know how best to serve the missionary.

The 5 teams that make up A.P.A.C.S. are:

Accountability Team

· Deep personal commitment to the missionary’s spiritual success as an individual and family · Confession of sin is regular but met with grace and restorative prayer · Encouragement through regular meeting times where the walks with Christ are discussed.

Support Team

· Committed to monthly or annual financial partnership · These team members “go with us” through their giving and share in the fruits of our labors · They are investing in the Kingdom through you, transferring their Kingdom resources into Kingdom needs, as the Holy Spirit directs.

Prayer Team

· Committed to praying daily for the missionary’s family, willing to go through spiritual warfare, and is deeply concerned over the spiritual and well-being of the missionary’s family · Has the mentality of “You go into the well, but we hold the rope.”

Care & Crisis Team

· May or may not be monthly/annual financial partners · Have agreed that should a family emergency or crisis occur, they will organize support, resources and/or financial aid · Not necessarily those with financial resources, but those willing to arrange and organize an effort on the missionary’s behalf · Their involvement should range from encouragement notes to emergency management.

Advancement Team

· May or may not be monthly/annual financial partners · Promote awareness, support, and prayer for you and the missionary’s mission · Understand through detailed instruction what it takes to get the work done while you are out of the country · Willing to do things like print letters and stuff envelopes, host fundraiser.


Where are you sensing the Lord leading you to bring support to our mission? Please let us know. In case, you would like to discuss your choice further, please do not hesitate to contact us and visit our websites.

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Staff Meeting

The work is more urgent than ever. However, we will not be able to keep this charge until we have invited those whom the Lord has prepared to support this work with us.

 Please consider this invitation prayerfully, according to your heart for the Lord and with His grace and hear how HE is leading you into this call.

Use the form below to invite us to share more with you personally. You may also just send us a message through our contacts here to send us an invite to a meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams or any preferred social media.

Email: (copy,


Tel: (+1) 314 307 3882. 

This page is private. You can access it because you have been invited. Feel free to continue browsing our website for more on our mission.


Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference with Winds International right now! The support we receive is a huge driver of the support to local Churches in their fulfilment of the Mission of God. Get in touch today and join our team in making a lasting impact.



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Tel: (+1) 314 307 3882. 

Feel free to send us an invite for a meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, Teams or any preferred social media

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