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Producing quality and relevant Christian content for all ministries, sociocultural and linguistic groups ensure that Christians have enough Christian content to consume on social and digital media and increasing the chances of those who do not believe to be reached by the message. We desire that Christian content be so abundant that it cannot be missed on the internet, social networks and digital media.

Our mobilization and training efforts attract or develop Christian authors and Christian developers to serve this component.

Recruit and train Christian digital content creators

Contents produced are screened for:  agreed upon fundamental evangelical confession of faith

  • languages, relevant to ministry and mission goals

  • communication and needs relevant age groups (children, youth, seniors)

  • according to relevant areas of ministry: Missions and Evangelization, Prophetic, Pastoral, Doctrinal

  Organize content production workshops

• Development of relevant competence for quality Christian content productions

• Training of Christian authors to publish on digital media and applications.

Christian who have developed their skills in the digital capacities can pursue their development in trainings that sharpen their capacity to produce quality biblical and digital content. The contents envisioned edited Christian publications covering all the fivefold ministries, for the various age categories in in as many languages as possible in any given national territory where Winds serves.

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