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We transmit knowledge and give ministers and churches the material means to benefit from digital opportunities and put digital at the service of the ministry of the Kingdom. The two areas of action of this service are training workshops and equipment distribution events. The training covers knowledge of applications and their uses for the ministry and learning how to use digital platforms and social networks for the ministry.

The initiatives are adaptative and creative and include: 



Training events and workshops in digital technology

• Training in the use of Christian applications for all areas of ministry
• Computer and mobile systems training
• Training in Church media management

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Vlogger Equipment

 Distribution of equipment and Christian Resources on Digital Media (Tablets, Smartphone, SD Cards)

• Launch distribution campaigns

• Offer follow-up services to beneficiaries

• Train beneficiaries in the best use of equipment

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The church and the men of God will know how to put Christian applications and the digital to their assets for the ministry. They will have updated information for prosecution in this area. They will have access to the equipment they need to do this.

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