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Empower African Communities with Online Church Volunteering

Our organization, Winds, has a mission to empower the Church and its African communities to use evolving technology to advance the Mission of God. We put these ideals into practice in a variety of ways, including equipment donation, workshops, networking, and much more. However, these projects take a great deal of time and resources in order for us to continue making a positive impact.

If you’re interested in online church volunteering, we would welcome your help here at Winds. Our work has both an immediate and global impact that you can be a part of. Your efforts on our part can both make a difference in small African communities, and allow us to participate in global discussions of note. 


For example, there is currently a deeply important and contentious debate ongoing about the regulation of the internet. The threats facing the web today are many and multi-faceted. Over half the world’s population is still offline, and the growth of people coming online is slowing dramatically. The distributed power of the web has shifted to lay in the hands of just a few, online abuse is on the rise, and the content we see is increasingly susceptible to manipulation.

Over 1.2 billion internet users live in countries where net neutrality is not protected, and more than 1.5 billion people live in countries with no comprehensive law on personal data protection, leaving them particularly vulnerable to increasingly common incidents involving breaches of personal data.

How do we fight against these threats

to help the web to realize its true potential? The debates cannot yield a complete result without the contribution of the Church as the salt and light of this world. The Churches in developing countries are an important bridge between the billions of believers existing and relevant life changing knowledge. Leaving the Church out of the debate is a loss both for the Kingdom and the Civil society. 

The project consists of a series of five regional seminars for church leaders on current web debates in order to empower them to educate the believers’ communities effectively on these questions. These web-debate school projects are just one of our many activist efforts empowering our communities. 

You can help too. Read our mission, find out what you can do, and begin your online Church volunteering with us today. Contact us over the phone, via email, or directly through our site. Be a part of the web-debate school projects and much more at Winds.

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