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The Digital: new worlds, new Church, new capacities and the same Missio Dei

In less than a decade, half of the known Church, will find home in Africa; 60% of Africa’s population will be people 25 years and younger and 49% still struggles below poverty levels. Meanwhile, the digital era has created a new generation of people, and a total shift in paradigm that is presented with new challenges and opportunities that has created new inequalities to which the Church in the Global South will not be able to respond on isolation to fulfill her Mission.

Winds partners respond earnestly and sacrificially, taking the portion to prepare and equip the Church and ministers with the capacity to fulfill and accelerate the Mission using digital technology and resources.

Their commitment is to ensure that churches and ministers have the enablement to build the faith and spread it across the new frontiers of a changing world; to increase their social impact facilitated by the best capacities available in the world today.

As members of the body, they serve, pray and give to ensure that churches and ministers in need have the connections, information, capacities, skillset, knowledge, competence and equipment to provide the whole of the Mission to the remaining people and the nations that are rising. Their calling is to affirm God’s presence on the new digitalized earth so that men and women meet His love and power to save both spiritually and physically, in the most relevant ways in their generation and their context.

The vision started from a ministry within Wycliffe Bible Translators organization within the Global Alliance and grew to focus on an unnamed and unmet need. Today it is a vision on its way and the mission must be fulfilled with your collaboration.

The prime distinction of Winds International lies in the fact that we recognize the unique position of the local Church as the principal bearer of the fulfillment of the Mission of God in its community and the need to support it by joining the Lord in His work of building it for His mission. We know from decades of missionary experience that no one agenda of any single missionary organization as beautiful, big and fully funded as it is will ever fulfill the transformational need of a community as the outreach of a local Church intentionally and knowledgeably committed to serve its community.

Winds partners believe that the Church is the primary guest of the triune God in the fulfillment of the Mission of God on earth.

Winds stand by the Church in this generation with digital capacities. Our programs are not primarily a way to respond to the needs of the Church as it is a way to connect the local churches of a region and allow them to harness their capacities in meeting the needs of their community in their realization of the Mission of God through them.


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