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Our Goals for Digital Community Fellowship and Social Welfare

There are many ways to spread the Word of God and create a positive impact on the world. At Winds, we are looking to foster greater digital community fellowship and social welfare. We have seen the potential for digital media to create opportunities to love God and do good for people in need.

Winds Impact is an Africa-based organization that’s looking to spread His word by using technology. We have different projects that we’re overseeing, like digital security issue awareness. By giving Christians access to the digital age, we increase the discourse of Christian content online and build digital community fellowship.

Our focus lies in 4 possibilities that we try to explore and fulfill. First, there’s the possibility to lead people to a better life. Second, the possibility to preach more effectively and abundantly. Third, there’s the possibility of the church to build a better fellowship to worship more effectively. Finally, we pursue the possibility of the church to serve society. 

Through social welfare, we not only give to our community, we spread the spirit of giving and generosity to others. If you are interested in furthering this mission or benefiting from it, explore our website. Meet our team, learn about our mission, and see how you can help.


Reach out to us over the phone, via email, or directly through our site. If you feel the call to Winds, we would gladly welcome you.

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