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By 2025

Africa will be home to 50% of the world Christians
60% of Africa's population will be people 25 years and younger
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More than 

of people groups in Africa, are still unreached.

More than 1,000 languages do not have any single portion of Scriptures
Great Commission


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Internet Users by December 2020


Internet Penetration of the Population

12.98 %

Internet Growth %
2000 - 2021 

1 billion 374

Africa Population in 2021


Facebook subscribers December 2020

Right now in Africa:

  • Economic poverty in Africa reaches 49% of the population.

  • Due to poverty, there is a lack of access to (and therefore fluency in the use of) digital resources of all kinds.   hindered by lack of access and fluency.

In most of the world, the “under 25” demographic is born immersed in access to digital technology.

  • Technological fluency is now pivotal to both education and financial success.

  • Due to social media’s effects on and relevance to all aspects of life, a person’s global understanding and impact on others is greatly hindered by lack of access and fluency.

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  • New Christians and new pastors in Africa receive very little in the way of personal support, resources, or training in understanding and applying the Word of God.  

  • New pastors may receive “one year” of training in the form of one half-day per week from a large church-planting charitable organization.

New pastors receive no training from those who provide them with translated Bibles.

  • Education--including reading and writing--often takes place in a different language from a person’s vernacular.  For this reason, it is often difficult for Christians to make good use of the Bibles provided to them, whether they are educated or not.



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