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The VMD Program

Targets specific people groups and language communities to reach out to them with the salvific message of the Gospel of Jesus through media hat brings it home to their hearts, souls and mind and that incarnate our loving Lord the momst in their daily lives. 

Goal:  to provide access to Scriptures (and further education and life transformation) in language forms relevant to all believers.

Modern technology can greatly speed up the process of translating the Bible and developing it into usable multimedia content for the community. Mobile communication covers over 60% of most African countries. Mobile technology access and digital literacy skills are an increasingly efficient way to accomplish the goal in communities where most people have no formal education


Most people will never fully grasp the meaning of a message until they can have a certain combination of the oral, visual, audio or written support put together in a way or another to present it. We all prefer a message prepared and presented with as much reality as possible. This format makes its access easier and simpler. The sharing of the life transforming message of Scripture reaches home to many only in that form; event to those who think they understood it otherwise. Today more than ever, this possibility is offered to the Church, to use in order to ensure that the Gospel makes as much impact as possible and releases its transformative power in people’s lives.

Winds International leverages the opportunity through the VMD program. The program targets unique language community groups and target them by providing them with digital platforms where they can consume the Word of God in forms and format that adopts the diversity of the creative power of the digital era. The contents are produced taking into account all aspects of the cultural behaviors, norms, beliefs and material customs as they are researched. The consideration of these elements allows for an inspired translation of the Lord Jesus into the culture of these communities.

The approach of Winds International

bases foremost on local churches when they exist training members of the local churches to become vernacular media contents for their communities and using the skills to empower the ministry of their own churches.

In places where the Scriptures are not translated yet into the local contexts the VMD program begins a Scripture translation work that follow the same model and that leverage the capacity of technology advancement in linguistics and translation to empower the process and allow that communities are served with a translated Bible that is as accurate, faithful and natural as possible with the support of the digital capacities.

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You Can BE

The program is set for two cycles of three years. The first cycle ends up with the translation of Scripture and development of Bible products. This outcome is further developed in the second cycle with more artistic use of the Scriptures building a stronger transformative presence of the World of God in that specific ethnolinguistic group. That cycle also allows a better development of personnel that can be used for neighboring similar programs. The cost of each cycle is $10-15,000 a year. The charges includes the salary of the local and external staffs as well as the costs of the running of the program

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