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This program allows the Church

To respond to a strategic need and opportunity in which all wave of people in a community can identify and reach to one another easily.

Goal:  to support the Church in creating the conditions for children of its community to be safe, grow in all physical and spiritual aspects and to be a witness of the Kingdom as adult in their societies. This include providing access to education, health services, and Christian mentorship.


The specificity of Winds approach in this domain is double. The program targets the whole family through the child and the position of parents and church in their individual role in the development of the Child. As such the program uses minimal implication of staff other than parents and local church workers. The sponsorship targets the transformation of a child in a way that integrates and balances it with his family context, aiming at contributing moving the whole family into a situation of transformation even as the Child is offered the opportunity to grow godly wisdom and physical and social stature before God and people.

The MK sponsorship interventions 

are as comprehensive as possible taking into account the contextual priorities of each local community and its church. The interventions are child-centered, family based, and are driven by the salvific work and message of Jesus Christ. Because of its focus this program is relevant anywhere children grow. It bears a special sense of emergency in contexts where economic poverty, disasters and endemic diseases strike and disempower people from the capacity to catch up with life realities.

They address both education, health, nutrition, clean water, micro-enterprise and economic development, and emergency relief and spiritual and psychosocial needs.

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MK sponsorship programs are built around family homes and centers hosted in Churches or outside but totally run by Churches. Each CDC has 150 to 200 children and the cost to sponsor each child is $40 a month. The running of each center is therefore 6,000 to 8,000 a month and covers all the costs of education, health, training, caring, protecting and raising the kids and the caregivers. It also includes the salary of children care takers. Most of the times it is possible to use the full sponsorship of a center to cover two, which requires direct funding request to meet urgent needs such as costly medical treatments or evacuations when they occur.

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