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This program focuses

On Women and girls in poverty. It brings them the lifesaving support that allows them to grow their economic capacity. In rural areas the support helps women grow their farms. In urban areas it funds their commerce. The outcome create economically empowered women with a healed identity and sense of worth. They bring an effective support to their families both in Christian and non-Christian settings in ways that witnesses about the love of God and the Good News.


The program helps drop out girls allowing them to be in vocational trainings. It enables them to stay and complete their training and help them settle in their practices once their training is complete. The program not only builds self-worth and economic capacities but also protect them from the abuses and traffic which their often victims of.

These programs are built on a solid digital technology support and contribute in the mission of Winds by providing a fruitful platform to empower the beneficiaries in their use of the digital contents and their protection against its misuse.

Be a part Today

The support to a woman in rural areas is $250 a year for three years. It is offered in form of loans that are repaid without interest while they are followed up by the project staff to ensure success. In the city micro loans from $100-600 is provided to neediest women, which they can reimburse and take again. The limit of the amount we lend is $1000. However, each woman can receive a loan of $50 without conditions. 

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