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Organizations, like people, are seldom described in one way and have one single identities. In what way do you feel more comfortable knowing us. This page offers other ways to perceive who we are and what we do, if that can help you connect more easily to this cause.




Because the fulfilment of the Mission of God urges and because it needs to reach people where they are. As the lives of many moves to digital realm, the Church needs to fetch and serve them where they are. For her, therefore, being offline is being excluded.

In contexts where we serve, this situation of unawareness, lack of access and incapacity to use the digital technology and its resources for ministry development and improvement of lives is critical.
The millions of applications that exist and are used in various domains are an awesome demonstration of the divine prospect to make the Kingdom come to souls and communities of the world. For the Church in the developing world, they are non-existent.

Winds is ordained by our Lord Jesus to fill the gap in order to develop Christian presence in the digital space, by building Church leaders and ministers capacity up to access and use adequately and appropriately, equipment, resources and capacities of the digital era for His greatest glory.

Explore: Who We Are


  • We are a training, equipping and networking movement transforming the way digital technology is understood, talked about and used among Church leaders and Christian communities and transforming the Church in Africa into an effective user and contributor in the Digital Technology space.

  • We fill the AIR with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.

(Air is a reference to the 'space' in which all the radio waves used by media)


  1. We leverage innovative technology to improve access to quality ministry training resources education among Ministers, Churches and Charities

  2. We foster a new way for local Churches and Ministers to think about and engage in strengthening Church Ministries using the most relevant Digital Technologies for their context and language

  3. We put volunteer developers together into motivate teams to solve problems for Ministers, Churches and Charities in Africa.

  4. We empower Ministers, Churches and Charities by creating scalable technology solutions.

  5. We strive to recognize, invite in and utilize the talent of this and the next generation of problem solvers and digital makers, the Christians youth who are enthusiastic about creating new tech ideas that can revolutionize the influence of the Church for the Kingdom of God to come.



  1. Partner with people and institutions, Christian organizations, churches at local, regional, denominational and national level to support needy Churches and ministers to transform their position in relation to digital capabilities, technology and opportunities of the Digital Era, for the Mission of our God and Christ to be fulfilled.

  2. Build individual ministers and Christians believers' capacities on the best use of digital opportunities in ministry. for evangelism, pastoral ministry, ministry training, social justice, church planting etc. We do this through our digital empowerment training workshops, events, and equipment support.

  3. Support churches and ministers, committed to holistic mission actions, in their digitalisation processes and ministry projects through services grounded of their context, creation and distribution of equipment and expertise that takes their realities into account.

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